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Why Hire an Appraiser...?

Why hire a wine appraiser?

Do you know the true value of your wine?

The wine market is constantly fluctuating due to factors such as global economic conditions, vintage variations, and pressures from current trends in wine styles. In addition, there are several ways in which wine can be valued depending on the purpose of your appraisal.

Why choose me as your wine appraiser?

Unlike other commonly appraised items such as jewelry or art, wine is ‘alive.’ It is constantly changing  and can only be accurately appraised by someone with a deep expertise in wine. With my 25+ years in the wine industry and tasting, valuing, and recommending thousands of wines, not only can I create the exact appraisal that works for your needs, but I can also provide you with advice on whether to buy, sell, drink, or hold any bottle in your collection.

Common wine appraisal needs:

Insurance - Probate & Estate - Buying/Selling - Charitable Contributions - Contested Assets – Marriage Dissolution – Bankruptcy

Types of wine appraisal reports:

1. Retail Replacement Value – how much it would cost to replace the item on the current market. Used for insurance scheduling or insurance damage and loss.

2. Fair Market Value – what the wine would estimate to currently sell at auction. Generally used for charitable contributions or estate tax.

3. Marketable Cash Value – the ‘auction hammer’ price minus premiums or commissions given to the auction house. Used when planning to sell a collection, such as in a marriage dissolution case.

4. Forced Liquidation- unfortunately sometimes a cellar must be sold in a limited time frame, calling for a liquidation.  Often these cases can be the result of a bankruptcy, or asset dissolution.

Contact me  (M: 971.998.3884) to discuss your particular appraisal needs.  In this new Covid 19 era, we can discuss how best to meet your needs and doing so in a safe and conscientious manner.

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