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Personal Sommmelier Services for the Pacific Northwest and

Certified Cellar Appraisals


A wine cellar can be an ever evolving entity.  Be it as a hobby, as an investment, or an asset of your estate, it is constantly changing  and can only be accurately appraised by someone with a deep expertise in wine. With my 25 years in the wine industry in all aspects, including 8 years of valuing and cataloging thousands of wines,  I can generate the exact appraisal that works for your needs.  In this new Covid 19 era, we can discuss how best to appraise your cellar in a safe and conscientious manner.


Let me be your personal Sommelier.  Whether you might want cellar consultation, and recommendations on what to drink and when to drink them.  I can provide individuals or groups  comprehensive wine education - from Wine 101 on up to deep dives of select regions/styles/grape varieties. Or maybe you need help with a wine list construction and consultation for your restaurant/bar?   With 8 years experience of running a program I can make suggestions for specific wine pairings to go with every menu or catering options.  


Your wine cellar is more than just a collection,  it is valuable property that needs to be secured.  Let's discuss some of the loopholes and pitfalls when it comes to your wine cellar and how best to protect your liquid assets.  We can discuss what to ask your insurer about your cellar and the best practices to cover the entirity of your investment.  Just in case something ever happens to your cellar, you aren't blindsided by their response.  




I have 25 years of experience in multiple facets of the wine industry...retail, restaurant, wholesale and as of 2012, certified cellar appraisals as well.  Being one of the few certified appraisers in the Pacific Northwest, and one of the only appraisers in Oregon with a specialty in wine, I can help with whatever your particular appraisal needs might be.  Insurance claims, divorce settlements, charitable contributions, probate issues...

I can also be your personal sommelier, be it wine list consulting, food and wine pairing suggestions, wine education, cellar management.  I can help guide your way through the world of wine, and distill my 25 years of incredible wine experiences into viable and useful knowledge for creating memorable food and wine moments and a curated wine cellar that fits your needs.


Portland , Oregon

Cell: 971.998.3884

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